Ouvrir une franchise

Les conditions de la franchise

Franchise contract

5 years

Surface of the showcase

40 à 60 m²

Personal contribution


Initial investment



1 person

Potential of the catchment area
from 120 000 inhabitants


town center

Entry fee


License fee

Offered first year

(only 150 € / month for communication)

From the second year

3% of the turnover


1% of the turnover from the second year.

Open a franchise

A careful listening of your project

Personalized interview, study of your expectations and validation of the project.

A time of exchange and preparation

Presentation of the group and the franchise (financing, legislation, business model, etc.)

A team to assist you in refining your project, know-how and solidarity group

Assessment of the local market, definition of commercial objectives according to the catchment area and Business Plan…

Comprehensive training to open your agency

Construction of a support program (Guided by partner expert groups: IT, accounting experts, recruitment experts, real estate…)

An adapted launch phase

Personalized follow-up by the group

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